Digital Dentistry


 In dentistry, the use of computer technology, came to modern dentistry has brought together the digital dentistry. Digital dentistry is rapidly becoming the key to the future with modern technology.


CAD CAM (Computer Aidet Design-Computer Aidet Manufacturing), which means that Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing .. Cerec, combining these two techniques concept developed for dentistry, 3-D (three-dimensional), employees design and manufacture of computer support the device. Cad Cam is one of the most important applications of digital dentistry. 3-D technique, as in the two-dimensional X-ray tomography and image track düşümsel not allow both outside the study area to have information about the shape of the inner surface.


The essence of the system, three-dimensional optical measurement field images obtained from intra-oral camera, purpose, treatment by means of suitable computer programs, running computer software be sent to a very precise micro-machining; With this method, the zirconium and porcelain block inlays, onlays, crowns (covering teeth), bridges and infrastructure for fixed prosthesis is produced.


1-treatment time is reduced: One Visit Dentistry

Applications in computer systems in a single session with a clinical setting can be made and dental treatment can be completed in two hours. This is both to prevent the loss of time for the patient and dentist.

2-Aesthetics and Biocompatibility is Improves User Facilities High Materials.

Both patients, as well as modern digital dentistry as well as the biological sense of the aesthetic quest for reliable materials has increased the demand for metal-free dental prostheses. CAD CAM system, not easy to be processed by conventional methods, but the aesthetic appearance and biocompatibility is high, sintered glass, poliklistal of alumina, has been developed for use in dentistry zirconium and ceramic-based materials and derivatives and increased. Such as zirconia can be prepared in a manner very difficult to succeed and aesthetic CAD CAM system for processing new materials with conventional methods.

3-Traditional Methods of Measuring been abandoned.

Cerec CAD CAM system, the traditional measure, wax eliminates the modeling method. Digital / optical measurements are taken. Nausea during old method measuring intake and / or retching was an advantage for patients with reflex. High-resolution digital cameras and laser-assisted oral micro-measure job recruitment can take the micron level precision. In addition, digital measuring intake is reducing to a minimum the traditional measure of intake and risk of infection during the attunement.

4-CAD CAM has Reduce possibility of error.

Advances in digital dentistry has reduced depending on the cause of the failure dentists and dental technicians. However, not completely eliminate it. Therefore, tooth cavity preparation techniques and must comply with the rules and paste and closing checks should be made carefully.

5-CAD CAM has Improve the Performance of implant therapy and esthetic.

Implant Placement with a-Digital Dentistry

Implant placement and thought of showing missing teeth in 3 D image obtained tomography Cerec 3-D camera images taken with the intraoral. Both images are overlaid in a computer environment, the possible restoration and the ideal 3-D software implantation angle and depth is obtained. Thus, both the risk of complications in implant surgery is reduced, as well prepared as the perfect structure to be constructed on the upper denture implants.

Production b-Zirconium Abutment

Cad Cam device with bio-compatibility can be prepared from zirconium or reinforced ceramic implant abutments with high, so people can obtain special aesthetic and functional zirconium abutments. The preferred zirconium or ceramic abutments provide maximum compatibility with oral tissues, because they reflect light like that of natural teeth aesthetic appearance and behavior of the bacteria which causes lack of oral hygiene by contributing abutments used.


Cerec Cad Cam Systems Working principle: Oral prepared with camera inside the optical cavity or the prepared tooth, digital measurement is taken. Purpose-made design with appropriate computer software, the block is scraped and sintered if necessary. The detailed steps of the process are as follows.

Stage 1: measurement is taken with an optical camera. The obtained measurements are transmitted to a computer that is connected directly to the camera.

Step 2: After you make a three-dimensional computer images, by the dentist, margins and contour are determined, according to the tread design is done. The system is able to offer patients with biogeneric feature similar structure to the existing dental restorations. Dentists, as well as perform operations under this proposal, it can make the changes you want. Checking the contact points of the opposing teeth, virtually abrasion, adding, contours make changes, contact points, which can increase or decrease the frequency of the opposing teeth.

Step 3: Once the design is finished, choose suitable color and size of the block. Block by micro milling turning device is obtained tooth form.

The blocks used with CEREC system, feldspathic and glass reinforced lösitli as lithium disilicate ceramics with high resistance, such as ceramic, porcelain, ceramic nano can.

Further, by milling together with the porcelain to be used on the zirconium base CEREC system then allows for the unification of these two parts with each other.

Phase 4, dentures or inlay or onlay filling the form, porcelain, zirconium and material, lacquering, the coloring and glazelen stages. High tech kilns are used for this operation.

Following the reception of digital measurement with clinically used CAD CAM system, design and manufacture is carried out next to the patient and the procedure can be completed in a single session.


One advantage of digital dentistry aesthetic smile design can be done. CEREC system, micro camera on the teeth is transformed into three-dimensional relief, an individual's face and mouth structure in accordance with the consumer to make the changes that you want, opposing teeth which contact points to control, virtually abrasion, adding, contours to make the change, the frequency of contact points with the opposing teeth of the allows for a increase or decrease.

Also, to align with the true face photo images become possible for individuals obtained by this method over the teeth, the dentist and the individual is having the opportunity to see the end of the restoration in the future.