Endodontics - Root Canal Treatment


 Endodontics is the branch of dentistry dealing with the treatment of the root canal is located on the teeth. Under the tooth enamel and dentin layer "pulp" are part of the vessel and to the nerves that the vitality of the tooth called. Tooth crowns in the "pulp chambers of the" name of the root of the tooth extends until the end of this section. If the inflammation of the pulp for any reason, taking the tooth nerve must be sterilized after filling the channels. Root canal treatment in a single session in live teeth, the teeth have lost their vitality is usually applied in two sessions.

Everyone has bacteria in the oral cavity. Combined with many foods we receive enable the formation of bacteria in our mouths acid. This occurs when acid can damage the tooth enamel and do not give importance to our oral hygiene will cause decay in the enamel layer. Mine does not occur when the bruises treated, it goes into the dentin layer below the enamel layer. Without microorganisms us again this time decay occurs despite treatment to stimulate the pain passes through the dentin to the pulp movement. Pain way to protect yourself in the pulp passes us this warning. But again, do not let him treat our teeth after a while they allow the formation of micro-organisms to injure blood vessels and nerves in the pulp inflammation.

Another way the formation of pulp inflammation are also trauma. A blow to the tooth, the root of the tooth into the root end of the rupture blood vessels and nerves, thus causing the loss of vitality of the tooth. This causes inflammation of the pulp is added by any means of microorganisms. Another way of being infected pulp in, around teeth long-term periodontal (gum and surrounding area) is the presence of disease.

Hot and cold food and drinks in the teeth against the pain and tenderness occurs, the pain caused by inflammation during eating and would herald the start of an infection. Again, extreme color changes occurring in the teeth also be perceived as a sign of inflammation. In addition decay until it reaches the pulp, but not dental treatment, remove the jawbone from the root tip and cause infection so small or large swollen. In this case, fighting infection, the use of antibiotics as well as the transactions dentist also suitable. The general belief, the tooth forming swollen face, swollen must be withdrawn after landing. Now according to the new technology such large teeth that cause infection in the mouth may be made even root canal treatment and can provide many years of service as healthy teeth.

Treatment Methods

Detection of problematic teeth on radiographs.

The destruction of tooth sensitivity in local anesthesia performed live teeth and surrounding tissues.

The creation of space to reach the pulp of the tooth enamel and dentin caries cleaned.

Tooth attaching rubber dam isolation.

Determination of the working length using electronic instruments and confirmed by radiography.

Rotary tool system using the root canal of the infected dentin, destruction and removal of microorganisms.

Destruction of various microorganisms used for the disinfection of the root canal in root canal rotary system.

Root canal therapy is not alive to begin with a channel antiseptic tooth will be placed in the root canal and filling the root to wait a certain period of blood in the next meeting

After root canal treatment, tooth cut its relationship with the surrounding tissues, infection of the teeth and surrounding tissues not occur again if you have an injury has occurred it is intended to be repaired. Root canal treatment is performed under local anesthesia and pain can not be heard.

After the root canal treatment, especially folding a few days after the treatment of dental pain or pressed onto a live tooth tooth pain may occur. This channel is a normal pain occurring after treatment. Little protection to the tooth with root canal treatment and disappear in a short time. Success rate of root canal treatment performed right treatment for today is to reach 90%.